A New Debut on the Horizon? Project 90 Sends Cryptic Messages

A New Debut

Soha Ali Khan, Milind Soman, Neelam Soni, and Rohan Bopannacame together to announce what could be a ossible new collaboration. However, as each of the celebrities started to talk more about “Project 90”, their feed was blocked and distracted bysudden pop-ups that filled up their screens, leaving their announcement incomplete. “Project 90” even left cryptic messages in their captions, such as“We like to show up on our time, not yours” and“Sorry everyone, but we always seem to show up at the worst possible time!”

Neelam Soni’s ReelRohan Bopanna’s Reel

Excited yet confused, many fans were dropping guesses, with one of the fans commenting, “What’s going on?Does anyone know?”, “Is this an unusual casting for a new Sci-Fi movie?”while another commented, “What is Project 90?”.Another fan, unfazed by the drama, asked Soha Ali Khan for her skincare routine.

What unites these four? A 3v1 tennis match between these Bollywood celebs and the number 1 doubles world hamp? Are we looking at a new serieswith Rohan Bopanna making an unlikely debut? Maybe Milind Soman and Neelam Soni startedbrewing a concoction of brilliance after their appearances on different OTT platforms? Or are we looking at a spin-off of a certain reality show?

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