Scaler launches comedy web series ‘Codeyil Iruvar’

Mumbai, 26th February 2024: Scaler, one of India’s fastest-growing tech education start-ups, today unveiled an exciting new web series, ‘Codeyil Iruvar’, in association with Parithabangal, a leading Tamil language YouTube entertainment channel. The unique branded content series aims to connect with young audiences in the region in an engaging and humorous format.

The six-part series, written and directed by Sahit Anand, revolves around the adventures of two friends, Gopi and Sudhakar, as they navigate their way through life’s challenges with wit and humour in pursuit of their start-up dreams. Set against the backdrop of their journey from a rural village to the bustling city of Bengaluru, where they chase their entrepreneurship dreams, the show promises to be a rollercoaster ride of laughter, friendship, and redemption. ‘Codeyil Iruvar’ has been specially conceptualised to bring out how Scaler’s emphasis on skills over degrees is more important than ever in the current economy.

Rahul Karthikeyan, Chief Marketing Officer, Scaler, said, “At Scaler, we understand the importance of connecting with diverse audiences on a personal level with unique brand properties and innovative formats. Tamil Nadu has emerged as a critical market for us, and we also realised that these learners are very strongly intertwined with the region’s culture, making it imperative for us to engage with them with content that would resonate with their lives and experiences. It is an interesting challenge to tackle, and there is nobody better than Parithabangal for such an endeavour. They understand the pulse of the state, allowing us to connect with our audience in a meaningful way through entertaining and culturally relevant content. While we have used smaller video sketches as a tool in the past, this time, we decided to venture into longer-form regional content to build more robust engagement.”

Currently, Tamil Nadu is among one of the top markets for Scaler, with a sizeable % of learners coming from the region. By leveraging Parithabangal’s creativity and reach, Scaler aims to strengthen its presence in the market and further connect with audiences through compelling storytelling that celebrates entrepreneurship and ingenuity.

“This is the first time we are doing a long-format brand show, which is very different from the sketch comedy videos we make. When we heard the concept, we were very excited as it was relatable to our journey. We had a fantastic time working with the Scaler team to pull it off together.” – Gopi and Sudhakar, Parithabangal.

The new web series was developed by Scaler and Do. Creative Labs will premiere on the Parithabangal YouTube Channel on 24 February 2024, with new episodes launching every 5th day. Click to view the exciting trailer and listen to the foot-tapping music.

Sahit Anand, Do. Creative Labs, “Codeyil Iruvar is a true labour of love. The limited series charts the journey of Gopi and Sudhakar, who play characters from a small town in Tamil Nadu, trying to give birth to the next billion-dollar company. At its heart, this is a redemption story. After being humiliated in front of the entire village for being non-starters, they run away to Bengaluru to make it big and prove everyone wrong. But as it turns out, it’s just not enough to have a great idea. You also need to have chutzpah to see it through. The joy of crafting this series is in balancing the humour without losing the soul that the story has to offer. It’s humor, but with heart. We didn’t want it to be a completely mindless comedy, yet we didn’t want the series to become so cerebral that it ended up coming in its own way. Not only did this give us an opportunity to get some of the most talented people in the industry to play some very interesting characters, but also filled every single episode with some very engaging characters. Thankfully, with stunning performances from every single cast, I feel this has been achieved perfectly. I can’t wait for people to watch every single episode and find out the many twists and turns that Gopi and Sudhakar have to endure on the way to making their billion-dollar dreams come true.”

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