Karma Calling, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To, and The Royal Bengal Family…6 web shows that celebrate the magic of girl power

International Women’s Day is just around the corner…and there’s a long weekend in store for us too! What better way to mark this occasion than to watch interesting shows that celebrate feminism? The digital landscape has allowed storytellers to explore woman-centric subjects with freedom, and some shows have truly been standout spectacles this year! Here are 6 such female-led titles that make for a must-watch on Women’s Day:

The Royal Bengal Family

1. Maharani- Season 3 (SonyLiv)
Huma Qureshi’s back with a bang! The tale of an uneducated housewife who transforms into a driven and feisty Chief Minister, Maharani sends across the powerful message that women can move mountains with their grit and determination. The third season of the show is expected to be even more thrilling with twists and turns one can never see coming.
2. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To (Pocket FM)
If fresh and engaging podcast shows are your cup of tea, Pocket FM’s ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To’ could be right up your alley! It depicts the rollercoaster journey of Anika, an 18-year-old girl weighing 120 kilos who has never been intimate with anyone in life, and yet ends up pregnant! On returning to her hometown after 6 years with a daughter, Anika has to tide through a horde of haters who are now her die-hard fans and find her twin son as well as the real father of her children. In this audio drama, expect the unexpected!
3. Karmma Calling (Disney+Hotstar)
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Karma Calling is the suspense-laden tale of a young woman who swears revenge on a powerful family that wronged her. Headlined with flair and finesse by the impeccable Raveena Tandon, this show is tailor-made for lovers of revenge thrillers where nothing is what it seems like, and every person has a dark and deadly secret hiding under their smile.
4. The Royal Bengal Family (Pocket FM)
Another edge-of-the-seat audio series from Pocket FM, this show explores the mystery-filled life of Debina, who returns home after spending 10 long years on a deserted island. The only mission in her mind is to unearth the real truth behind her mother’s demise. But, how far will she go to seek the truth? Is there more to this death, than what meets the eye? The Royal Bengal Family will leave you hooked for more after each audio episode!
5. Raisinghani vs Raisinghani (SonyLiv)
A courtroom saga led by the incredible Jennifer Winget, Raisinghani v/s Raisinghani is an intense family legal drama. It tells the story of Anushka Raisinghani, a talented female lawyer who’s always sidelined by her father who considers her empathy to be a weak trait. When a seemingly innocent intern joins her firm with a hidden agenda, a can of worms is opened, and it is up to Anushka to unravel the truth.
6. Aarya- Season 3 (Disney+Hotstar)
Ever since the first season hit screens, audiences have been captivated by this ‘loving wife turns dangerous drug lord’ show. The final chapter of the Aarya universe, Aarya Season 3 sees Sushmita Sen in her edgy and fiery best as she battles countless villains in the quest to keep her family safe. With the threats increasing by the day, can Aarya succeed in her mission? The final season is centered around this gripping plot.

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