BIG FM continues to drive positive change with second season of ‘Sutta Chhod De Na Yaar’ on World No Tobacco Day

BIG FM continues

In response to the rising stress and fast-paced lifestyle that has made smoking a common habit for many, BIG FM, one of India’s leading radio networks, brought back the second season of ‘Sutta Chhod De Na Yaar’ on World No Tobacco Day, May 31st. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the risks and hazards of smoking and tobacco use. Over four weeks, the campaign featured a multifaceted approach encompassing radio broadcasts, celebrity endorsements, expert insights, and digital engagement to effectively encourage positive behavior change. It also featured the quirky reality show called ‘QUITSVILLA’, inspiring participants to quit smoking.

Tobacco kills over 8 million people annually, with 7 million from direct use and 1.2 million from second-hand smoke. Building on last season’s success, BIG FM launched the second season of ‘Sutta Chhod De Na Yaar’ with new engaging elements. The activities kicked off with a strong drive across radio and digital platforms, effectively reaching a targeted audience and securing 11 committed participants. Led by Mumbai RJs- RJ Vrajesh, RJ Rani, RJ Abhilash, and RJ Dilip, the campaign’s first week focused on awareness and registrations. The second week highlighted inspiring stories from listeners and celebrities like Yuvraj Singh, Vikrant Massey and Manoj Bajpayee, adding authenticity and motivation to the initiative. Health experts and quit-smoking specialists provided valuable insights during the third week.

The last week of the campaign featured live updates from “QUITSVILLA,” a 48-hour immersive monitoring session at Della Resorts in Lonavala. Participants shared their stories while enjoying performances by rapper Akhil Dighe aka Hellac, comedians Vanshika and Jay Verma, yoga sessions by Shruti Kukreti, sound healing by Mariko, habit coaching by Ashdin Doctor, reverse singing by Madhu Lakhotia and Zumba dancing by Micky. Celebrities like Sanvikaa and Saad Bilgrami from Panchayat season 3 added excitement, making the campaign a supportive journey for those determined to quit smoking.

Sharing his thoughts, Sunil Kumaran, COO, BIG FM, said, “Despite health hazards, smoking is prevalent amidst people due to cultural acceptance. With its normalization, the increased health risks highlight the need for change. The first season of ‘Sutta Chhod De Na Yaar’ successfully educated the masses and ensured the message resonated with them. Building on BIG FM’s commitment to promoting impactful initiatives, this year we aimed to elevate the awareness wave. Through our engaging activities and focused communication, we have effectively inspired our listeners to embrace a healthier, smoke-free future. “

Sutta Chhod De Na Yaar Season 2 was sponsored by the Life Insurance Corporation of India and Zuno General Insurance Limited. The campaign successfully achieved its goals by not only raising awareness but also starting discussion about tobacco-related illnesses and fatalities, encouraging a shift towards healthier lifestyle choices and highlighting the urgent need for change.

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