Chrome Pictures Unveils “Galact” TVC: A Cinematic Tribute to Motherhood

Chrome Pictures, renowned for its innovative storytelling and impactful advertisements, proudly presents its latest film “Galact”. Directed by Roopali Singhal and produced by Chrome Pictures, the film celebrates motherhood and the bond between the child and their mother in a candid, authentic, and graceful manner.

Roopali, who has worked on some notable ad films recently such as Hopscotch, Britannia Bourbon, Induslnd Bank, and Epigamia; has captured the essence of motherhood with striking visuals and a powerful narrative. From tender moments of bonding between mother and child to the various challenges and triumphs that a child achieves, “Galact” resonates with the journey that a mother and their child experience first-hand.

Getting the audience hooked from the word go, the TVC message is loud and clear, ”Agar Maa Ka Doodh Piya Hai Toh Kuch Bhi Kar Sakte Hai”. We see kids running, playing, dancing, and achieving everything they set their mind to. Effectively normalizing breastfeeding on screen, the film’s Bollywood touch creates a sense of familiarity through nostalgia.

Sidhant Mago, Creative Head at Daftar Creative Consultancy, shares his thoughts: “When I first heard about Galact, it instantly reminded me of the iconic Bollywood line ‘Ma ka doodh piya hai to saamne aa…’ We all know there’s nothing that compares to a mother’s milk. That’s why we wanted to craft the film around this powerful theme, reminding everyone of the irreplaceable bond between a mother and her child. Kudos to Roopali and the team for bringing this vision to life so beautifully.”

Sidhant Mago yet again came up with a unique and edgy script and Abhishek Notani (Producer) and I were instantly hooked”, says Roopali. “As a Director I knew it was paramount to get the tonality right. While retaining the essence of the subject, the biggest challenge was to make an engaging and light-hearted film.

“On top of that, we had to get viewers to accept the visual of a mother breastfeeding on camera. I was sure that the best way to do this was to shoot with real lactating mothers. Thanks to an incredibly sensitive and graceful crew we were able to overcome that challenge with ease. It was a joy to shoot with children and is reflected in the film. Shubhojit Mukherjee’s music was the last magic touch that the film needed.”

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