Dahanu Festival 2.0: A Celebration of the Incredible Culture and Tourism in Coastal Maharashtra

Dahanu, 01/03/2024: The 2024 edition of the Dahanu Festival, ‘Dahanu 2.0’, took place at the Sea View Park on Dahanu Beach from February 23rd to 25th. This three-day annual event was the biggest tourism attraction in the coastal Maharashtra region. The festival was free to attend and began with a grand inauguration attended by Corporators and important government officials. The Hindughosh Dhol Pathak provided a rousing start to the event with their electrifying beats during the opening ceremony on the 23rd of February. On the first day, Zee Marathi show celebrities attended and interacted with the public. Big Boss Marathi’s famed Dadus show stole the spotlight on the second day, and the international kite-flying event was held at the beach. The third day was highly energizing; it had the horse race held on the beach, along with a helicopter show by the Coast Guard, and concluded with singers like Vishwajeet Borwankar & Anshika Chonkar, delighting the audiences with their favorite Bollywood numbers.
Apart from the important highlights, the event had an excellent dance, music, and art program schedule that featured some of the most popular names, such as the phenomenal Rasika Dhoble and internal musicians.

Dahanu Festival 2.0 underscored the region’s excellent tourism potential and Dahanu’s emergence as an easily accessible yet peaceful beach holiday destination near Mumbai. The annual festival is organized collaboratively by the Government of Maharashtra, the local government bodies, and the Dahanu Municipal Council to promote local art culture and local entrepreneurship.

Speaking about this, Mr. Vaibhav Aware, Chief Officer of Dahanu Nagar Parishad, said, “Dahanu’s potential as a beach tourism destination is at par with the best locations in India. The Dahanu festival aims to promote our beach tourism infrastructure and invite visitors from all over India and abroad to come and explore local culture, art, and craft. The peaceful and serene atmosphere of Dahanu is ideal for those looking to unwind. For adventure or water sports lovers, we offer activities like aero sports, water sports, and horse riding on the beach to get a first-hand experience of the coastal rural lifestyle in Maharashtra. With each new addition, we are witnessing greater awareness about Dahanu, and we thank everyone who visited us for Dahanu 2.0.”

Abhijit Deshmukh, Tehsildar of Dahanu, said, “The fantastic response to this year’s Dahanu festival has been quite encouraging for us. We continuously focus on making our beautiful town a sought-after tourism destination, not just for the tourists from Mumbai or nearby areas of Gujarat, but for travelers from all over India and other countries. Dahanu 2.0 has surpassed the past records, and we look forward to seeing an even bigger turnout at next year’s festival!”

Dahanu 2.0 offered diverse attractions, making it a truly enriching experience for attendees. Among its major highlights were engaging workshops on pottery and painting that offered an opportunity for artistic expression and skill development. The festival also witnessed captivating art displays and exhibitions, as well as sand art displays showcasing the creativity of local and visiting artists.

The festival wasn’t just confined to the main venue but also offered off-site activities such as star gazing, farm visits, night camping, and explorations of fisherman’s villages, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable experience for all participants.

While the festival has ended, Dahanu is a fantastic beach destination visitors can enjoy throughout the year. It is connected by road and rail to all major regional towns and cities and metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The nearest international airport is Mumbai, and it is just a couple of hours’ drive to this off-beat paradise from there.

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