Deepak Tulsyan’s Gm Dance: a Journey From Call Center to Global Fame

Mumbai: Deepak Tulsyan, the dynamic dancer and YouTube sensation behind GM Dance, proudly declares, “GM Dance is my home,” reminiscing on his journey from a call center job to owning a renowned dance studio with a global following.

gm dance

Starting from teaching dance classes in a small room to reaching millions worldwide, his journey embodies perseverance and hard work. His YouTube channel, GM Dance, has captivated audiences with electrifying performances and infectious energy. Despite the pandemic, Deepak innovated, teaching over 1000 students online and expanding his reach.

With 5 million subscribers and viral hits like “Jhomme Jo Pathaan,” “Ghungroo,” and “Passori,” GM Dance has attracted teenagers and kids with its accessible choreography. Deepak’s achievements extends beyond YouTube. He showcased his talent at Social Nation alongside his dance group, sharing stage with renowned personalities.

What sets Deepak apart is his resilience, from working a part-time job in a call center to establishing his dance studio garnering 4 million subscribers on one channel and 6 million on another. His journey inspires countless individuals. Reflecting on his success, Deepak expresses gratitude to his fans. “Everything feels like a dream,” he says. “I believed in my passion and worked hard for it and I am grateful for my audience’s unwavering support.”

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