Emraan Hashmi, Rajeev Khandelwal and Mouni Roy spill sweet things for Karan Johar as he celebrates his 51st birthday

From spilling beans to showering drama, if anyone can do it with suave, it is Karan Johar! The name echoes in every corner of the nation when we talk about top-notch entertainment. The iconic talk show Koffee with Karan created a new portal for the audiences to get closer to their favourite celebrities and the series Showtime brought the viewers an unabashed version of the entertainment industry! What more can we ask for if we want to get an insight into B-Town! The heartthrob Emraan Hashmi along with the dashing Rajeev Khandelval and charming Mouni Roy who lead the Showtime universe on Disney+ Hotstar, came together to kick start the birthday bash of the iconic Karan Johar! Take a look at their wishes:

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Sending his best wishes, Disney+ Hotstar’s Showtime actor Emraan Hashmi said, “Karan Johar is undoubtedly an entertainment genius. While we’ve had our banters, he is by far the most sporty and intelligent filmmaker in the industry. On his birthday, more than celebrating him, I think we should celebrate his legacy and the cinematic world he has created for the audience. For me, the world of Showtime (on Disney+ Hotstar) that he helped create was a gift to the viewers and to everyone who worked on the series. That story lapped up drama, rivalry, masala of the industry and top-notch entertainment – all in one. So, happy birthday to the cinematic genius!”

Taking the celebration up a notch, Disney+ Hotstar’s Showtime actor Rajeev Khandelwal said, “If we personify entertainment, it’d be Karan Johar! He knows exactly what the audience desires and laps it up in a story and serves it hot. Be it Koffee with Karan or Showtime (on Disney+ Hotstar,) this man has revolutionized the content platforms. Celebrating him and his legacy is equivalent to celebrating entertainment and drama! I had always admired him for his persona, for the way he carries himself amidst all the lights blazing at him, and for just being himself since I have known him. He just carries bling with him wherever he goes and when I played my part in Showtime, it felt as if I was living at the very center of his blinging universe.”

“I have always admired the courage, flamboyance and grit that Karan Johar carries and wonders how he does it all. We’ve worked together on a few projects, one of them being Showtime (on Disney+ Hotstar) and it really felt like all my dreams were coming true. From looking up to him from afar to learning from him up close and personal, my respect for him only grew stronger. So, here’s to celebrating the man of entertainment and bling, Karan Johar!” added Disney+ Hotstar’s Showtime actor Mouni Roy.

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