Hoopr Debuts New Single Tora by Sarry B – A Haryanvi Banger with Modern Twist

 Hoopr Debuts

Mumbai, 10th July 2024: Hoopr.ai, India’s leading music licensing platform, announces the release of its first single, “Tora,” by rising star Sarry B! “Tora” is a certified banger designed to captivate listeners with its impressive beats and catchy lyrics. Hailing from Delhi, Sarry B brings a fresh sound to the music scene, seamlessly blending the rich cultural tapestry of Haryana with contemporary music styles.

Sarry B, also known as Sarthak Bhatt, is a notable figure in the regional music scene. Renowned for his powerful vocals and dynamic lyrical presence, he is quickly making waves with his unique blend of traditional Haryanvi sounds and modern influences. “Tora,” a Haryanvi slang term for “swag,” masterfully combines the rustic charm of Haryanvi vocals with modern production techniques, creating a track that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly innovative. The catchy melody and perfectly crafted lyrics showcase Sarry B’s musical prowess, pushing boundaries in the music industry and celebrating Haryanvi fusion music.

“Tora” is performing exceptionally well. With encouraging response from social media listeners and creators, the song has crossed the 500K+ views milestone across Instagram and YouTube, within 48 hours of its release.

Bhumika Shukla, General Manager of Hoopr.ai, said, “Hoopr.ai’s mission is to empower creators by providing exceptional music that enhances their content. ‘Tora’ by Sarry B is a perfect example of how traditional sounds can be innovatively fused with modern styles to create something truly unique. It exemplifies the quality and diversity of music that Hoopr.ai offers. We are thrilled to support such a talented artist and bring his vibrant Haryanvi sound to a wider audience.”

Gaurav Dagaonkar, Co-Founder & CEO of Hoopr.ai, added, “Sarry B is a phenomenal talent, and ‘Tora’ is a testament to his ability to blend cultural richness with contemporary music. Hoopr.ai is proud to launch this track and excited to see how it resonates with listeners. The release of ‘Tora’ marks an important step for Hoopr.ai as we continue to innovate and provide diverse musical options. Our goal is to make music licensing simple and accessible for all creators, and ‘Tora’ showcases the kind of high-quality, boundary-pushing music we are committed to promoting.”

With “Tora,” Sarry B continues to establish himself as an artist to watch. His ability to seamlessly blend Haryanvi roots with modern styles creates music with wide appeal. As “Tora” gains traction, it is evident that Sarry B’s star is on the rise, and there is great anticipation for his future works. “Tora” is an ideal addition to a variety of content, from travel vlogs to fashion videos. Visit Hoopr.ai to license “Tora” royalty-free for upcoming projects.

Released only 3 days ago on YouTube, the song has already reached an impressive 176K+ views and is generating strong search and play numbers across music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn, and many others. The craze for “Tora” is extending beyond music streaming, taking over Instagram as well. Multiple influencers have created trendy content using the song, further propelling its popularity.

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