Inauguration of Ramayanam Chitrakavyam

Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, Hon’ble Union Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture inaugurated a stirring exhibition, Ramayanam Chitrakavyam, along with Hon. Jeevan Thondaman, Hon’ble Minister of Water Supply and Estate Infrastructure Development, Sri Lanka, and DG NGMA Dr. Sanjeev Kishor Gautam.

Ramayan Chitrakabyam

Ramayanam Chitrakavyam aspires to play a pivotal role in advancing India’s artistic and cultural heritage, fostering artistic expression and community engagement in the contemporary era and for generations to come. The NGMA, in collaboration with numerous organizations and private collections, is presenting an exhilarating rendition of the timeless epic, The Ramayana, in the form of Ramayanam Chitrakavyam, a visual narrative. The exhibition will showcase an eclectic array of artistic masterpieces by eminent Indian modern, contemporary, and traditional artists with a wide range of artworks such as paintings, textiles, sculptures, shadow and wooden puppets, theatrical masks, prints (oleographs, chromolithographs, lithographs), installations, and more. The featured immersive art installations are created with state-of-the-art technologies by contemporary artists.

In her address Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi noted that Ramayana is a binding force for the entire South East Asian Region. The footprint of Ramayana has been magnanimous and undeniable in the world, especially in the South East Asia. The Ramayana is a timeless text which stands as a beacon of wisdom, virtue, and moral guidance. The Ramayana is a reservoir of cultural values that has transcended time and space, connecting diverse civilizations in a shared understanding of humanity.

The Minister highlighted the Ramayana’s connection with Sri Lanka which is etched in the landscape, where sites like Ashok Vatika are steeped in the lore of Lord Rama’s journey. Works by eminent figures like Nandalal Bose, Jamini Roy, Upendra Maharathi, K. Venkatappa, and others, offer their distinctive interpretations of the epic narrative. ChittoPrasad’s captivating Ramayana series and the Kalighat Pats further augment the visual odyssey, a testament to the rich heritage of Indian storytelling through art.

Chitrakavyam Rāmāyaṇam is not merely an exhibition; it is an odyssey through the eternal tale of the Ramayana. By showcasing the multifaceted expressions of this epic tale, the exhibition invites the audience to contemplate its themes of love, duty, and righteousness, while cherishing the unique spirit of Indian art in all its diversity.
Ramayanam Chitrakavyam began with the auspicious Manglaacharan Aarti by Shri Vishvanath Sanskrit Mahavidyalay, followed by the Pandwani Katha Gayan by Saipriya Pooja (SNA Awardee) & Group.

The event was attended by country representatives from Britain, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Portugal, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Syria, Iran, Columbia, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Japan, among many others. The diplomatic corps appreciated the event as they got to know more about the rich cultural heritage of India.

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