Journey Into the Heart of Cinema with Sony BBC Earth’s Hans Zimmer Special and More This May

Journey Into the Heart of Cinema with Sony BBC Earth's Hans Zimmer Special and More This May
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May 09th, 2024: This MaySony BBC Earth brings forth an exciting lineup of content, promising a summer packed with intrigue, adventure, and enlightenment. The channel is all set to premiere the remarkable journey of Hans Zimmer: A Hollywood Rebel’ from a post-war prodigy to a Hollywood legend, the secrets of defying aging in the ‘Secrets Of The Superagers’, along with captivating tales of our planet’s wonders and human resilience in ‘Joanna’s Anthology Series’. 

Unraveling the mysteries of aging with ‘Secrets Of The Superagers’, Dr. Michael Mosley discovers the secrets of those who defy aging, meeting extraordinary individuals from China to Italy who exhibit remarkable vitality in their golden years. It delves into the unique outlooks on life, diverse diets and cultural behaviors contributing to their longevity, and insights into the science of aging gracefully. The show is premiering on the 18th of May every Saturday and Sunday at 09:00 AM. 

The diverse content line-up will take viewers through the extraordinary life and unparalleled career of cinema‘s maestro, Hans Zimmer, in ‘Hans Zimmer: A Hollywood Rebel’. This show will share highlights of the journey of a post-war German prodigy who rose to fame in Hollywood for film scoring. Viewers will witness the groundbreaking compositions and the creative process of creating the iconic score for ‘Frozen Planet II’. In the show, Zimmer dives into the mesmerizing melodies defining contemporary cinema. The show is premiering on the 19th of May at 12:00 PM and 9:00 PM. 

Following the trailblazing tale of Zimmer‘s legacy, next in line is ‘Joanna’s Anthology Series’. This anthology promises to immerse viewers in a series of captivating stories, each unveiling the wonders of our planet, from the depths of the Amazon rainforest to the peaks of the Himalayas. It will feature a range of episodes, including ‘Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure, Great Cities of the World, Silk Road, and India. The series will go live on the channel on May 20 at 10:00 PM. 

This May, mark your calendars to watch, ‘Secrets Of The Superagers’, Hans Zimmer: A Hollywood Rebel’, and Joanna’s Anthology Series only on Sony BBC Earth.

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