Madness Machayenge – India Ko Hasayenge’ Welcomes The Great Khali for a Rib-Tickling Episode

This Saturday, Sony Entertainment Television’s comedy show, ‘Madness Machayenge – India Ko Hasayenge’ will welcome ace wrestler, The Great Khali, for a rib tickling episode. The seasoned comedians, along with ‘Madness Ki Malkin’ Huma Qureshi, promise to make everyone laugh out loud with their hilarious antics.


Host Harsh Gujral’s stand-up routine delves into the universally relatable topic of mothers, injecting humour into the quirks and idiosyncrasies of maternal love and nagging, promising to strike a chord with many.

A gag titled ‘Motivational Airlines’ takes its passengers on a comedic journey through the skies with Paritosh Tripathi and Hemangi Kavi as the airline crew, and Kettan Singh as the ever-enthusiastic motivation speaker. The skit promises to lift your spirits with its hilarious take on motivational speakers and airline travel. In the ‘Honest Interview,’ Kushal Badrike and Kettan Singh adopt the roles of interviewee and interviewer, shedding light on the absurdities of job interviews with candid questions and responses, offering a refreshing take on a typically formal process.

Siddharth Sagar steps into the spotlight in the ‘Khali Trainer Roast,’ where he hilariously caricatures the intense world of personal training, targeting exaggerated techniques often associated with The Great Khali. Joined by Paritosh Tripathi and Harsh Gujral, the ‘Khali Roast’ gets even funnier where Paritosh dons the look of a wrestler and make a series of jokes that keep everyone at the edge of their seat!

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