Must-Watch Korean Dramas for Newcomers

03/07/2024- Over the past few years, especially since the pandemic, Korean dramas have gained massive popularity all over the world. K-Dramas have become a window into Korean culture, showcasing their food, customs, language, cities, and people. If you’re new to the world of Korean dramas, here are some must-watch series that span various genres, from romance to thrillers, to get you started.

Romantic Dramas

Queen of Tears: Currently the most popular K-Drama, “Queen of Tears” has captivated audiences both in Korea and internationally. The series follows the journey of a couple whose relationship is in shambles after three years of marriage. It beautifully portrays how they work through their issues to find love again, making it a must-watch for anyone who loves romantic series.

Crash Landing On You: Before This romantic series tells the story of a South Korean woman who accidentally lands in North Korea after a paragliding accident. There, she meets a North Korean soldier who helps her navigate the dangerous territory and find her way back home. The series is filled with heartwarming moments and intense drama, making it a top pick for romance enthusiasts.

Thriller and Horror Dramas

All of Us Are Dead: If you’re into thriller or horror dramas, “All of Us Are Dead” is a must-watch. The series centres around a high school that becomes ground zero for a deadly virus outbreak. Students trapped inside must find a way to survive while the virus spreads rapidly. The intense and gripping storyline will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Vincenzo: “Vincenzo” is a perfect blend of dark comedy and crime thriller. The show features Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo Cassano, a Korean-Italian lawyer who returns to South Korea after a fallout with the mafia. The series combines danger, suspense, and a cutting storyline that will keep you hooked. It’s a unique drama that offers a refreshing take on the thriller genre.

Squid Game: “Squid Game” is perhaps the most popular Korean show that catapulted K-Dramas into international fame. The series revolves around a group of contestants who participate in a survival contest, competing for a huge cash prize by undertaking deadly tasks. The show’s gripping plot, intense action, and deep social commentary make it a must-watch for thriller fans.

Korean dramas offer a unique storytelling experience, often blending various genres within a single series. They provide a deep dive into Korean culture, showcasing everything from traditional customs to modern-day life in South Korea. Additionally, K-Dramas are known for their high production quality, compelling characters, and emotional depth, making them a favourite among viewers worldwide.

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