On Superstar Singer 3, Sudesh Bhosale showers praise for Nishant Gupta’s melodious voice

On Superstar Singer 3, Sudesh Bhosale showers praise for Nishant Gupta's melodious voice

This Sunday, Sony Entertainment Television’s kids singing reality show, ‘Superstar Singer 3’ will pay homage to one of the greatest singers of all time, Kishore Kumar, in a special episode titled “A-Z of Kishore Kumar.” Known for his soulful tunes that defined a glorious era of Hindi cinema, Kishore Kumar’s timeless classics will be brought to life by the talented young contestants. This episode promises to bring back the nostalgia with some wonderful tales about Kishore Da in the presence of the renowned playback singer, Sudesh Bhosale.

But all eyes were on the exceptionally talented 9-year-old, Nishant Gupta from Gurugram, Haryana, as he won hearts with his rendition of the soul-stirring song “Chehra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai” from the film “Saagar.” Nishant’s sheer brilliance evoked a standing ovation from all the captains, Super Judge Neha Kakkar, and special guest, Sudesh Bhosale; marking a truly unforgettable moment.

Impressed by the captivating performance, Special Guest Sudesh Bhosle ji shared, “Very well sung! You set the right mood completely, singing with sheer enjoyment; God bless you. Also, just like how all of us were praising you with ‘Waah Waah’, similarly we used to cheer during Kishor Da’s live shows, saying ‘Wah’ to him, and he would playfully respond by saying ‘Bakwas’ instead of ‘Thank you’.”

Super Judge Neha Kakkar also complimented the contestant, saying, “Nishant, today you showed a different side of yourself just like a lion, both at home and on stage. Your mischievous nature, usually hidden, shone brightly in your performance. It’s remarkable how you handled a song with so many lyrics, sung by legends and crafted by geniuses at such a young age. The pressure must have been immense, yet you remembered everything and executed it flawlessly. I’m truly delighted for you. Great job!”

Captivated by the performance, Captain Pawandeep Rajan shared, “Nishant, your performance was excellent. This song was sung by Kishore Da, whom I regard as my teacher, and the sargam you sang in between was originally sung by Pandit Satyanarayan Mishra Ji. So, in essence, you beautifully combined the styles of both these legends in your performance. You did a fantastic job, Nishant. Very well done!”

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