April Cool, Bhidu! – Prime Video Drops the All-New Jaggu Dada Mode in a Hilarious April Fool’s Day Campaign Conceptualised by Bare Bones Collective

India—April 2, 2024—Prime Video, India’s most loved entertainment destination, unveiled a Jaggu Dada Mode, a faux feature that allows users to watch their favorite shows and movies in the iconic vocabulary of the legendary Jackie Shroff a.k.a Jaggu Dada. The playful hoax planned for April Fool’s Day gave the audiences a glimpse of what their favorite shows and movies would sound like with this mode turned on, with Jaggu Dada’s dub lending a hilarious touch to each scene. Featuring the evergreen Jackie Shroff, the campaign is written and conceptualized by Bare Bones Collective.

Anuya Jakatdar, Co-Founder Bare Bones Collective

In a parody of a traditional feature ad, B-Town’s beloved Bhidu or Jackie Shroff himself showcased how he would dub over fan-favorite and iconic shows like Pataal Lok and The Family Man, infusing them with his trademark slang. The outcome? Cult dialogues got Bhidu-fried, just like everything else he does.

Prime Video is on a mission to be the entertainment destination of choice for every Indian customer, and the latest campaign cranks up the fun quotient. The Juggu Dada faux feature campaign pays a subtle nod to the fun and carefree spirit of legendary ‘Bhidu’ a.k.a Juggu Dada, perfect for April Fool’s Day, an occasion reserved for laughter, pranks and playful trickery. The campaign comes on the back of incredible consumer love for Juggu Dada’s latest cinematic project – Prime Video’s Mast Mein Rehne Ka, where he plays the role of a widower.

Speaking about the campaign, Jackie Shroff said, “Life is all about having fun and living to the fullest. And what better day than April Fool’s Day to practice this philosophy? When I was approached for this campaign, I loved the idea. The thought of dubbing my favorite shows and movies and giving them a new twist was an opportunity too hard to miss. I am glad to have had the chance to bring a smile on people’s faces this April Fool’s Day. Sab bhidu log ko mast rehna chahiye…that is all I wish for and that is all I want to say through this campaign.”

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