Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak Actor Abhishek Nigam sheds light on Sagar and Vedika’s budding love story

Sony Entertainment Television’s family drama, Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak, has kept the audience gripped with its compelling story that follows the journey of a mother and her two daughters, tragically separated by a wicked scheme. However, destiny takes an unexpected turn, bringing them together on a path of reconciliation against the forces that tore them apart. In the ongoing track, Saraswati (Sukhada Khandkekar) feels backstabbed by Vedika (Sayli Salunke) and Sagar (Abhishek Nigam) for securing bail for the accused driver, Dayal Singh, in her husband’s accident. A heartbroken Vedika further accuses Sagar of using her to get even with his father whilst also ruining her rapport with Saraswati.

Abhishek N & Sayli

After all the confrontations, Vedika senses there are hidden secrets connected to Gautam’s murder and asks Saraswati to reopen the case. Vedika further sees how distressed Rajeshwari looks and she deduces that the Maheswari family is involved in the case, compelling her to stay in the Maheshwari house to take care of Saraswati. While both Sagar and Vedika embark on a journey to find the truth, an undeniable connection starts to blossom between them. And, a chance encounter with a childhood picture of Vedika, unlocks a buried memory, leading Sagar to a startling realization that Vedika is none other than Janvi, his best friend, who he has been searching for all along.

Talking about the upcoming highpoint, Abhishek Nigam, who plays Sagar, shared, “Sagar is a fascinating character – full of potential and a thirst for adventure, driven by a complex web of hopes and emotions. Also, what makes him interesting is that Sagar is the key who orchestrates the union of the Triveni – Saraswati, Vedika and Koel; unknowingly bringing each of them one step closer to the truth. The show is taking a fresh turn with a romantic angle as Sagar, after coming back from London, has been on the lookout for his childhood best friend, Janavi, but has not been able to find her. But, when his paths cross with Vedika, he does sense a connection with her; wondering why he feels such familiarity with a stranger.”

Adding further, he shared, “I am a firm believer in love; it’s a powerful emotion. The love that Sagar and Vedika will eventually share will be the most beautiful ever because it’s a connection that was born when they were young. The story will get more interesting as Sagar will finds that Vedika is none other than his childhood friend, Janavi. This highpoint will certainly add another layer of mystery, making things even more thrilling for the audience.”

Prepare to witness the seeds of love taking root amidst the pursuit of justice and the fight for a long-awaited reunion. Will Vedika be able to find out the truth about her past?

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