Rahil Azam to join the cast of Star Bharat’s show Shaitani Rasmein

Rahil Azam t

Currently, ‘Shaitani Rasmein’ is gearing up for a high-stakes showdown between Nikki and Mallik. Nikki is on a critical mission to defeat Mallik and free her family from the sinister clutches of Mallik’s Shaitani Rasmein. The tension is palpable as viewers eagerly await to see if Nikki will succeed in her final quest.

Rahil Azam’s entry as the new face of Mallik promises to inject fresh intrigue and suspense into the storyline. Known for his compelling performances and intense screen presence, Rahil is expected to add a new layer of complexity to the character of Mallik

Will Nikki be able to outsmart the new Mallik and save her family, or will Mallik’s newfound power prove too much for her? The addition of Rahil Azam to the cast is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Stay tuned to Shaitani Rasmein on Star Bharat to witness Rahil Azam’s debut and discover the fate of Nikki and her family in their battle against evil. Don’t miss the thrilling episodes ahead as new secrets unravel and the ultimate battle between good and evil takes center stage

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