Witness Lord Ram’s Triumph in the ‘Ram Setu Prasang’ on Sony Entertainment Television’s Shrimad Ramayan

Witness Lord Ram's Triumph in the 'Ram Setu Prasang' on Sony Entertainment Television's Shrimad RamayanOn Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Shrimad Ramayan,‘ viewers will witness a turning point in the divine epic as Lord Hanuman returns from Lanka bearing the precious ‘Chunamani’ given by Mata Sita. He relays Mata Sita’s message to Lord Ram, enlightening him about the situation in Lanka. In response, Lord Ram decides to rescue Mata Sita and orders Sugreev to prepare the army.

However, they face a daunting challenge at the seashore, wherein they’re unable to find a way to cross the sea with such a massive force. Undeterred, Lord Ram decides to seek the assistance of Varun Dev, the God of the Sea. Despite Lord Ram’s earnest prayers, Varun Dev remains elusive until Lord Ram reaches the end of his infinite patience and wields his bow and arrow in anger. This display of Lord Ram’s fierce determination compels Varun Dev to appear and provide a solution, marking a significant moment in the epic saga’s narrative.

Sujay Reu portraying the character of Lord Ram says, “The Ram Setu episode is a crucial part of Shrimad Ramayan, revealing a different side of Lord Ram. On his journey to rescue Mata Sita, he faces an unexpected obstacle. In this moment, driven by his love for Mata Sita, Lord Ram shows his fierce and determined form. Beyond seeing Lord Ram angry for the first time, this part of the narrative also highlights Lord Ram’s extraordinary ability to unite and uplift those around him, and their ardent devotion results in the construction of the Ram Setu. Despite the immense challenges, his faith, leadership, and compassion inspired his followers to achieve the seemingly impossible, turning a collective effort into a bridge of hope and victory.”

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