Jen Launches Ethically-trained AI Music Platform for Text-to-music Generation

Introducing the First AI Music Platform Committed to Transparency With Over 40 Fully-licensed Training Catalogs

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 20, 2024) – Today marks a revolutionary step in AI music technology with the alpha launch of Jen. The ethically-trained generative AI music platform introduces a new standard for copyright compliance in text-to-music generation. With over 40 fully-licensed catalogs in its initial training set, Jen adheres to a  strict training doctrine that emphasizes its commitment to transparency, compensation and copyright identification. Jen’s prompt-based flow simplifies the creative process, while also providing assurance that all outputs respect both artists and industry copyright standards.

“We have reached a defining moment for the future of the music industry. To ensure artistry maintains the value it deserves, we must commit to honor the creativity and copyrights of the past, while embracing the tools that will shape the next generation of music creation,” said Jen Co-Founder and seasoned music tech entrepreneur Shara Senderoff. “Jen empowers creators with tools that enhance their creative process. Jen is a collaborator; a friend in the studio that works with you to ideate and iterate. As we bring Jen to market, we are partnering with music rights holders and aligning with the industry at large to deliver what we believe is the most ethical approach to generative AI.”

Jen’s best-in-class technology, powered by leading AI company Futureverse, has been developed by its team of distinguished PhDs and scientists whose work on Jen’s published research papers have been acknowledged by prestigious journals and cited by Meta’s AI Lab, Meta FAIR, Sony AI and Bytedance AI; a true testament to their deeply architected music research approach. See Jen’s research paper citations here.

From novices with a song in their hearts to professional producers, Jen empowers creators to bring their musical visions to life and push the boundaries of creativity. Featuring proprietary, high-fidelity, waveform-based diffusion models that leverage a unique neural network architecture, Jen offers sophisticated music generation capabilities in high-quality stereo audio. A pioneer in the field of AI music with multiple patents pending, Jen is the first generative music platform to complete waveform-based latent diffusion with multiple tasks, including generation, continuation, and inpainting.

Jen’s rigorous compliance process sets it apart from the pack. Every track is automatically vetted for audio recognition and copyright identification utilizing a database of 150M tracks. This includes both the compositions in the training set and every newly generated track on the platform. Additionally, Jen generates a cryptographic hash for each track that is then recorded on The Root Network blockchain. This process provides an advanced form of verification, ensuring the integrity and timestamp of each track’s creation. Verified song outputs receive a JENUINE™ indicator upon generation.

Consumers own the tracks they create on Jen. Furthermore, Jen introduces R3CORD™ wherein consumers can “record” tracks to make them sellable, adding a marketplace layer to personal creations.

Jen has deep roots in the music and technology industry. Co-founder Shara Senderoff is a well-respected cross industry technology entrepreneur who has been named to Rolling Stone’s “Future 25,” Billboard’s “40 Under 40” and esteemed “Women in Music,” “Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business” and Forbes’ “30 Under 30.” She is also the Co-Founder of AI and metaverse technology company Futureverse which incubated Jen’s powerful AI technology. She previously co-founded blockchain venture fund and studio, Raised In Space in 2018 alongside music industry titan, Scooter Braun. In addition to Senderoff, Jen named Mike Caren as a founding partner last year. Caren, who is the founder and CEO of Artist Partner Group, the highly-successful record label and music publishing company, brings decades of music industry experience as a leading executive at labels including Warner Music Group, Elektra Records and Atlantic Records. He has written and produced records with a variety of global music artists including Beyoncé, Kanye West, Bruno Mars and more. Senderoff and Caren have focused on taking the road less traveled with their ethical approach to licensing. Jen’s founding team is rounded out by 20-year technology vet, Aaron McDonald, who co-founded Futureverse alongside Senderoff and esteemed AI PhD Dr. Alex Wang, who led the architecture and development of Jen’s AI innovation.

“We’re incredibly proud of the work that’s gone into building Jen, from our research and technology to a strategy that we continue to develop with artists’ rights top of mind,” said Caren. “We welcome an open dialogue for those who’ve yet to meet Jen. There’s a seat at the table for every rightsholder to participate in building this next chapter of the music industry.”

In tandem with today’s alpha launch, the Jen research team publishes its third research paper: JEN-1 DREAMSTYLER: CUSTOMIZED MUSICAL CONCEPT LEARNING VIA PIVOTAL PARAMETERS TUNING (read at here). This paper details Jen’s upcoming StyleFilter™ technology, which allows users to upload a unique instrument, genre, or track to create what’s labeled as a StyleFilter, that styles a new masterpiece with the desired sound.

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