Approach Bollywood Launches Innovative Digital Campaign: Holi Kab Hai, Kab Hai Holi

Mumbai, India – Approach Bollywood, a leading name in Bollywood and entertainment news, has unveiled its latest digital campaign, “Holi Kab Hai, Kab Hai Holi.” This quirky campaign will be active on social media platforms leading up to the festival of Holi. Notably, one of the campaign’s ads delivers a crucial social message against drunk driving.


This initiative targets both Bollywood’s trade professionals and the broader audience. Approach Bollywood, a venture of Approach Entertainment Group, recently introduced its own app, expanding its reach and services. With operations spanning major Indian cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurugram, and others, Approach Entertainment Group is a renowned name in celebrity management, film production, advertising film productions, film marketing, and events.

The campaign leverages humor and nostalgia, featuring iconic Bollywood characters like Gabbar and Sambha from the legendary movie Sholay. In one of the ads, Gabbar repeatedly asks Sambha about the timing of Holi, leading to amusing exchanges. The campaign aims to capture the essence of Bollywood’s cultural influence while also delivering a pertinent social message.

In the recently released second ad, Gabbar queries Sambha, “Holi Kab Hai, Kab Hai Holi,” to which Sambha retorts, “Sardar, you keep repeating the same question. Are we planning to raid the village again?” Gabbar, however, responds differently, stating, “No, we don’t need to raid the village. All I desire is to host a Holi party.”

As part of the “Holi Kab Hai, Kab Hai Holi” campaign, Approach Bollywood delivers a crucial social message. In an upcoming digital ad set to launch three days before Holi, Veeru cautions Basanti, “Don’t dance in front of these dogs. They tend to cause a ruckus after drinking.” Through this scenario, Approach Bollywood seamlessly integrates the message of “Don’t Drink and Drive” into its campaign, effectively blending entertainment with social responsibility.

In addition to roping in influencers, Approach Bollywood has strategically integrated the message of “Don’t Drink & Drive” into its campaign. Through witty dialogues and engaging scenarios, the campaign effectively communicates this important social issue.
Sonu Tyagi, the founder of Approach Entertainment, shares insights into the campaign’s conception, stating, “Holi is a significant festival in India, and we wanted to blend its celebratory spirit with Bollywood’s charm. Our aim was to connect with both industry insiders and the millennial audience while also addressing a prevalent social concern.”

Approach Bollywood serves as a comprehensive newswire service, catering to various media platforms including newspapers, magazines, TV channels, radio, and digital media. The platform offers insights into the business side of films, TV, OTT, and the broader entertainment industry, supported by in-depth analysis and exclusive interviews.

In addition to its digital presence, Approach Bollywood plans to venture into organizing industry-related events and producing branded content with celebrities. With a focus on factual reporting and behind-the-scenes coverage, the platform aims to spark meaningful conversations within the entertainment industry.

Led by award-winning writer/director & Producer Sonu Tyagi, Approach Entertainment Group is expanding its horizon by venturing into Bollywood film & web series production. Approach Entertainment in Association with Go Spiritual India has recently co-produced a spiritual Web / TV Series Two Great Masters based on a Book written by Amrit Gupta. The web series has been directed by Anurag Sharma. The company’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through prestigious awards, including “The Bizz India 2010 Award”, Service Excellence Award from Worldwide Marketing Organization & PR Agency of the Year Awards.

Approach Entertainment stands as an acclaimed hub for Celebrity Management, Film Productions, Advertising & Corporate Film solutions, Films Marketing, Events & Entertainment Marketing Company. Approach Communications operates as a prominent PR & Integrated Communications agency catering to diverse sectors like Corporate, Healthcare, Entertainment, Finance, Education, and Social domains. With a rapidly expanding presence in Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurugram, Goa, Kolkata, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and Jalandhar, Approach Entertainment Group operates at the forefront of entertainment, media, and communications. Additionally, the group boasts a specialized Bollywood Newswire & Content Dissemination unit known as Approach Bollywood.

Approach Entertainment Group is also has a Charitable Spiritual Organization, Go Spiritual India working for Philanthropy, Spiritual Awareness, Charity, Mental Health, Wellness, Organic, Spiritual Tourism, Events, Media, and Social Causes.

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