Bombay Sapphire Creative Lab takes inspiration from Taj Mahal for Saw This, Made this Global Campaign

Delhi, India – 22nd April 2024 – BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Creative Lab launches its global campaign, “Saw This, Made This” in India on World Creativity Day. Featuring city-inspired art installations and crafted cocktail experiences, the initiative celebrates India’s diverse artistic heritage. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’S Creative Labs aims to inspire creativity within oneself.

At its core, this endeavor is about drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry & natural art of India, captured by Rohan Shresthaa and reimagined by Klove Studio. This campaign aims, whether it’s the iconic landmarks or the serene landscapes, there exists a wellspring of creativity waiting to be tapped into.

“At BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Creative Lab, we believe creativity isn’t a privilege for the few, it’s a spark waiting to be ignited in everyone. This campaign is rooted in that idea – that inspiration can be found anywhere, in anything, waiting for the right eye to see it and demonstrates the brand’s continued commitment to creativity, both inside the cocktail glass and beyond.” – Mahesh Kanchan says, as the Marketing Director, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Creative Lab.


Rohan Shrestha embarks on a journey across India, not as a tourist, but as a creative hunter. He captures the beauty of Taj Mahal and delves deeper, seeking the vibrant nightlife along Mumbai’s Queen’s necklace. Even Goa’s Parra Road, known for its tall Palm trees and the pink-bloomed flowers of Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park, is seen through Shrestha’s unique lens, showcasing a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, waiting to be reimagined.

“Saw this, Made This presented a unique opportunity to push my boundaries and explore uncharted creative territories. With these experiences I discovered a wellspring of inspiration. Stepping outside one’s comfort zone can be truly transformative, and this project is a testament to the power of embracing new challenges for me.” – Photographer Rohan Shrestha, Further adds.

Meanwhile, within the walls of Klove Studios, a different kind of magic unfolds. Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth from Klove become the ‘makers’ in “Saw this, Made this’, reimagining Rohan’s vision into stunning art installations. This intriguing collaboration promises to redefine how we see the world around us and the potential to create extraordinary art hidden within.

“For this campaign, we envisioned a lighting experience that mirrored the brand’s spirit of exploration and discovery. We aimed to create an atmosphere that sparked curiosity and ignited creativity, just like the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Creative Lab itself”, Says Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, Founder and Creative Directors, Klove Studio.

Through this fusion of vision and craftsmanship, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Creative Lab reaffirms its commitment to fostering a global community where inspiration knows no boundaries. The essence of India’s cultural landscape is brought to life in a symphony of creativity and ignites a chain reaction of innovation, proving that the potential to create art lies within us all. As the journey continues, may it serve as a beacon of inspiration and reminds us that within every moment lies the potential for extraordinary creation.

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