Celebrating 14 Years: My Inbox Media – A Global Tech Force

My Inbox Media Turns 14

New Delhi, April 1, 2024 – For 14 years, My Inbox Media (MiM) has been empowering businesses with innovative IT and telecom solutions. Founded in 2010 with a focus on customer service (Delhi, team of 5), MiM has expanded to serve over 25,000 clients across 20 countries. Their dedication to customer success is evident in their growing team of over 100 employees and a global network of nine offices.

MiM’s core mission is to empower businesses. They achieve this by providing custom-tailored IT and communication solutions designed to meet each client’s specific needs. Their expertise extends beyond consulting, with a proven track record of developing over 50 applications to directly address client challenges.

The company boasts a prestigious clientele that includes industry giants like Sony, Etihad, BMW, Titan, Honda, SBI, Lenskart, and many more. This trust is a testament to MiM’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Yusuf Hasan, the company fosters a culture that values “the combination of hope and hard work” as its greatest asset.

Looking ahead, MiM’s sights are set on further expansion. They are actively pursuing opportunities to extend their reach into new countries, solidifying their position as a global leader. This ambition is fueled by a dedicated team that takes immense pride in consistently delivering value to their customers.

“Our client’s needs are at the epicenter of everything that we do,” says a MiM spokesperson. “We believe in leveraging actionable data to curate bespoke strategies that ensure our clients not only achieve their goals but also become leaders in their respective industries.”

MiM’s dedication to continuous growth is evident in their team of expert marketers, designers, and developers. This combined expertise allows them to deliver industry-defining solutions that propel businesses forward.

With a rich legacy of accomplishments and a resolute commitment to the future, My Inbox Media embarks on a path brimming with possibilities. They are poised to conquer new horizons and solidify their presence as a dominant force in the global technological landscape.

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