Discover Smriti Mandhana’s Life Off The Field in Femina’s May 2024 Issue

Discover Smriti Mandhana's Life Off The Field in Femina's May 2024 Issue

India, 20th May 2024: From a nine-year-old enthused about the sport to becoming one of India’s most celebrated cricketers, Smriti Mandhana’s story is an inspiration. In the May 2024 edition of Femina, Smriti candidly reflects on the challenges she has faced, her unwavering dedication to the sport, and the dreams that continue to drive her forward. In the Cover Story, the sportsperson fondly recalls the day she was able to fulfill her promise to buy a house for her family, expressing gratitude that her beloved sport, cricket, made it possible. Despite her incredible success, she comes across as grounded and focused. Whether hitting a century or walking out for zero, she is known to maintain a stoic demeanour, though the last few years have taught her to be empathetic towards the young team members she leads and mentors.

Reflecting on her passion for cricket, Smriti shares, “I think I’ve always loved cricket, (and) like any other kid, I loved batting more than (the rest of) the game. I understood later, of course, that there is a lot more to cricket than just batting but, as a kid, I would just hit a hanging ball or play gully cricket.”

Speaking about her family, she reveals, “We come from a very humble background. Today, when I see my parents happy and the life that they’re living, I feel happy about everything that has come with cricket.”

She adds that she has gleaned life lessons from the game: “The best part about cricket is that it is a great leveller; you always start from zero. Whether you score a hundred or you have a bad match today, tomorrow you just start from the bottom again. Take that lesson to every aspect of life and you will know what to do next.”

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