Hearzap India appoints Actor Sonu Sood as ‘Cause Ambassador’ for Hearing Health

Hyderabad, India, 14th June 2024: Hearzap India, a leading provider of hearing care solutions announces the appointment of acclaimed actor and philanthropist Mr. Sonu Sood as its ‘Ambassador for a Cause’. The partnership leverages Mr. Sonu Sood’s renowned humanitarian ethos and vast influence to tackle critical challenges faced by individuals dealing with hearing impairments.

This strategic partnership aims to raise awareness, enhance accessibility, and promote affordability across India’s hearing health sector. Together, Hearzap and Mr. Sonu Sood aim to orchestrate change, fostering a deeper societal understanding of hearing health and its pivotal role in individual well-being.

Sonu Sood

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. S. Raja, Founder & Managing Director of Hearzap, said, “Mr. Sonu Sood embodies the spirit of community service and compassion that is at the core of Hearzap’s mission. With his support, we aim to intensify our efforts to elevate overall awareness about the importance of early detection of hearing issues, make hearing care solutions more accessible to those in remote areas, and reduce the economic barriers to hearing technology, making it affordable for all.”

Raising awareness about hearing health, ensuring accessibility to quality care in distant locations, and lowering the cost of hearing aids and support services for those in need are the three primary challenges that Hearzap has highlighted within the hearing health business. With the help of community outreach programs, policy advocacy, and educational campaigns, the collaboration with Mr. Sonu Sood will directly address these issues.

“We are not just aiming to change lives but to transform the landscape of hearing healthcare in India. Mr. Sood’s involvement will undoubtedly empower more individuals to come forward and seek the help they need,” added Mr. Raja.

Hearzap India invites all stakeholders in the healthcare and welfare sectors to join this movement. Recently, they celebrated the opening of their 100th store at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, and shared their ambitious plan to establish 250 stores across India. The goal is to amplify the reach of hearing health services and create a positive and long-lasting impact on our communities.

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