Jaswinder Gardner RECALLS most rewarding scene from State v/s Ahuja as the series completes 2 months

Actress Jaswinder Gardner, recognized for her performances in “Ready,” “V for Victor,” and “Missing,” recently took on the role of Divya Ahuja, the wife of Ansh Ahuja (portrayed by Ashmit Patel), in the Watcho Exclusives series “State v/s Ahuja.”

The series premiered on February 9th and is now marking two months of successful airing. On this occasion, Jaswinder Gardner shared insights into her most fulfilling scene from the series, enjoyable moments from the sets, and the takeaways of the series.

Q1- What was the most rewarding scene for you during the entire series?

There were several emotional scenes throughout the series, not just one or two. Every time my director and Ashmit applauded me for my performance, it made me feel like I was doing a fairly good job. So, while I don’t know how the audience will respond, receiving such positive feedback during the editing process from both my director and co-actor was a very special moment for me. One scene that is close to me is when they decide to leave everything behind and start a fresh journey in their life and relationship. It was a profoundly emotional moment. Even Ashmit’s character wanted to put an end to everything and start anew. Another scene that resonated with me deeply was when Divya spoke to her daughter, and her daughter advised her to leave him and start afresh. As a woman deeply in love, wanting her family to stay together, that conversation with her daughter was a very touching and quite memorable scene for me.

Q2- Can you share fun moments that you experience on the set?

Honestly, we had a tight schedule and didn’t have much time on our hands. So, we were working very quickly – moving from one scene to another. Although we didn’t have much time in between scenes to have fun or relax, having a good environment, good co-actors, a good team, and a supportive director made all the difference. That’s all you need to feel comfortable.

Q3-What do you think were the key takeaways for viewers from State v/s Ahuja?

So, viewers will understand that relationships are very important, and one should be careful and sensitive towards them. Balancing your career and your family is crucial so that you do not have to give up on either.

“State v/s Ahuja” follows the story of Ansh Ahuja (Ashmit Patel), a Bollywood superstar whose life is thrown into turmoil when he is accused of rape by his maid. Viewers are drawn into a gripping narrative filled with suspense, investigation, and courtroom drama, as unexpected twists and turns keep them engaged. The series raises the compelling question: Did Ansh actually commit the crime, or is there a darker conspiracy at play?

Produced by Suresh Thomas for Crescendo Films and Amicable Crew, the show features a talented ensemble cast, including Anurekha Bhagat, Sarika Singh, Swapnil Ralkar, Apeksha Verma, Drishti Patil, Manish Jaitley, Arjun Krishna, Vicky Baidyanath, and Harsh Gautam. You can catch this Watcho Exclusive series on Watcho.

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