Shedding light on the ‘Sita Haran’ track in ‘Shrimad Ramayan,’ Nikitin Dheer talks about how he prepared to play a Sage

Sony Entertainment Television’s iconic saga, ‘Shrimad Ramayan’ has captured the hearts of viewers with the timeless narrative of Lord Ram’s life and teachings. So far viewers witnessed how the demon King Ravan abducts Mata Sita and, in an attempt, to save and protect her, Jatayu fights with Ravan to rescue Mata Sita. On the other hand, Lord Ram and his brother Lakshman begin their search for Mata Sita and find her ornaments on the way which help them determine the direction she would have taken only to realize she has been abducted.


The abduction of Mata Sita, known as ‘Sita-Haran’ unfolded amidst deceptive circumstances where Ravan cunningly approached the forest where Lord Ram, Mata Sita, and Lakshman resided during their exile. Exploiting Sita’s compassion and hospitality, Ravan lured her into a conversation, prompting her to cross the boundary drawn by Lakshman to offer alms. Nikitn Dheer who plays the role of the mighty demon Kind Ravan transformed into the look of a sage which required him to display a calm demeanor.

Elaborating on the track and his role, Nikitin Dheer says, “As an actor i find myself drawn to the complexity and depth of Ravans persona. It did take some preparation when I had to don the look of a sage who is the exact opposite of Ravan. From toning down the intensity to donning a demure look to convince Mata Sita. Before getting into this look, I tried to embody the character by keeping my mind calm and changing my tone followed by me trying to keep a subtle demeanour. My portrayal of this character should not only be to captivate the audience but also invite them on a journey of introspection, exploring themes of morality, destiny, and the eternal battle between good and evil that resonate within all of us.”

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