Sony SAB’s ‘Dhruv Tara’ Enters New Phase with Dhruv and Tara

Mumbai, July 1, 2024: Sony SAB’s ‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’ is an interesting story of love and time travel. In the last few episodes, audiences have witnessed how Durgawati (Indira Krishnan) is full of rage and decides to take revenge for her son Surya Pratap’s (Karan V Grover) death. Meanwhile, Mahaveer (Krishna Bharadwaj) convinces Dhruv (Ishaan Dhawan) and Tara (Riya Sharma) to escape to the 21st century, however, there is a glitch in the time travel vortex, and they end up being reborn in the 19th century.

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The upcoming episodes mark the beginning of an exciting journey as audiences will see completely different avatars of Dhruv and Tara. Once a warrior princess in the 17th century, in this phase of the story Tara becomes a subdued girl. On the other hand, Dhruv, a doctor from 21st century, is now a lazy, aimless and angry young man in the 19th century, who doesn’t want to live in India anymore.

Will the two lovers be united in this century? Or will they be separated once again?

Ishaan Dhawan, who essays the role of Dhruv, said, “Dhruv has gone through many challenges in his journey to unite with Tara and just when it was time to go back to the era he belongs to, life threw another challenge at him. While one chapter of Dhruv-Tara’s life has ended and it is time for a new beginning in a completely new century, with new characters. This new twist in Dhruv’s journey is incredibly exciting for me as an actor. Portraying a character who transitions from a dedicated doctor in the 21st century to a lazy, aimless young man in the 19th century offers a unique challenge. I am looking forward to explore what’s next in Dhruv’s journey.”

Riya Sharma, who essays the role of Tara, said, “Playing Tara has always been a thrilling experience, but this new chapter takes it to another level. It’s a completely new avatar that is entirely different from how Tara was in her previous birth. Tara’s transformation is a significant shift from her previous life as a warrior princess. Being reborn as an orphan and facing hostility in her new family adds layers to her character that are both challenging and fulfilling to portray. I’m eager to see how Tara navigates her new reality and if she can reunite with Dhruv in this different era.”

The new century also paves way for new characters with Pankaj Dheer and Neelu Vaghela joining the cast as Dhruv’s parents, among others.

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