CCL Season 10 delves into epic Finale with an ultimate showdown between Bengal Tigers and Karnataka Bulldozers

India, March 18, 2024: As the adrenaline-fueled action of CCL 2024 Season 10 hurtles towards its climax, Kichha Sudeep’s Karnataka Bulldozers and Jisshu Sengupta’s Bengal Tigers are poised to set the ground ablaze with their ultimate clash for the trophy. The finale promises a riveting competition between the two fierce captains of the season, each vying to emerge victorious. In a heart-pounding series of qualifiers and eliminators, Chennai Rhinos and Mumbai Heroes have fallen short, paving the way for Karnataka Bulldozers and Bengal Tigers to battle it out, each determined to claim the coveted prize.


This season has been a whirlwind journey, spanning from the scorching grounds of Sharjah to the bustling arenas of Hyderabad and Chandigarh, and now culminating in the battleground of Trivandrum. From the initial roster of 8 teams representing the Indian film industry, the league has narrowed down to its two titanic contenders, who have consistently dominated since the season’s inception. Here are the standout players from both teams to watch out for in tonight’s final showdown at 6:30 PM.

Bengal Tigers:
Leading the charge for the Bengal Tigers is Jisshu, whose sterling performance has earned him the moniker of the Badshah of the match, showcasing exceptional skill and guiding his team to numerous victories. Alongside him, Jammy has been a formidable force, clinching the title of Badshah of the match in more than 3 exhilarating encounters.

Karnataka Bulldozers:
The Karnataka Bulldozers boast a lineup led by Darling Krishna, whose exemplary skills have propelled him to the forefront as the standout player of the entire league, inspiring his teammates with his stellar performances. Captain Kichha Sudeep has drawn accolades for his leadership prowess, hailed by many celebrities and fans alike as the epitome of a great leader. Additionally, Karthik’s prowess in claiming crucial wickets has been instrumental in the Bulldozers’ journey to the finals, further solidifying their position as formidable contenders.

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