Woodward’s Gripe Water’s latest campaign focusses on making fussy mothers and fussier babies’ smile

Chennai, May 02, 2024: Woodward’s Gripe Water, a reputed Ayurvedic Formulation brand for babies, has launched its latest campaign celebrating the new mother and her baby.

Saket Govind, DGM TTK Healthcare

The new film celebrates this New Mother, her intelligence, and her discerning way of choosing the right products for her baby like Woodward’s Gripe water; which has been putting smiles on fussy & gassy babies for 170+ years by giving instant relief to stomach pain & acidity while ensuring baby growth. Now Woodward’s has taken the mantle to be the guardian of not just baby smiles, but also the smiles of discerning mothers.

While the formulation and the pack reflect the modern moms, Woodward’s created the new TV Commercial based on this insight. While today’s women are modern, independent, have access to the latest information, and are more aware, they are also caring and protective of their child’s well-being. They seek information to make their own decision.

Saket Govind, DGM TTK Healthcare, says, “With increased awareness and worldview, today’s mothers are becoming a lot more choosier on everything. They are willing to trust a brand only based on its transparency and how much it is willing to share the information she seeks.” He adds “Gone are the days when marketers could get away with tall claims. Today’s Mothers expect the marketers to walk the talk.”

Armed with this insight, Woodward’s created an improved ayurvedic formulation that is gentler as well as tastier & comes in a new Royal Blue pack. A brand-new pack reflects the ethos of the new generation of mothers. Woodward’s has successfully recreated the same magic but in a gentler, safer, and tastier ayurvedic formulation. The improved Woodward’s has been introduced recently and is being quickly adopted by the New Mothers.

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